Sa. 14.03.2020 · Wrocławski Klub Formaty, Wroclaw (Poland)

w/ Bersarin Quartett, Grzegorz Bojanek

Before Ambientalny is a prevue of this year’s Ambientalny Festival
that will take place at the end of November in Wrocław.

19.00 Grzegorz Bojanek live
20.10 Bersarin Quartett live 5.1 surround concert

The main organizer of the event is Wrocławski Klub FORMATY.

Blind Folds 2020 · Bersarin Quartett · Surround Sound Concerts

Due to the covid-19 pandemic this concert was cancelled.
As a little consolation we uploaded a stereo-downmix of our last rehearsal. Feel free to have a listen to what we have prepared. Please take care everybody — and see you in better times!