Ambient-Mix for FWD.DJ/Quiet Calm

Bersarin Quartett Mix #139 
plus Interview (Quiet Calm Cast)

Legendary soundscaper Bersarin Quartett graces us with a rare mix in celebration of both his fourth LP (released this month) and his upcoming performance at Saal 1 for the Denovali label night on the 23rd November in Berlin. The electro-acoustic and ambient world wouldn’t be the same without the journeys that Bersarin Quartett has forged with his three LP’s. This is FWD.DJ’s third exclusive installment in our collaboration with Quite Calm records and Denovali Records and is a true listening pleasure.

FWD.DJ (tracklist)

Hello Thomas, thanks very much for providing such a superb mix and agreeing to answer a few questions for us. For those unlucky people who are unfamiliar with your work please give us a short history of your journey through music and how you would describe what it is you create. […]